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"Switching our website to Cybrhost feels like being upgraded to the first class on a packed plane! We are impressed and thank you for a job well done!"
- J.C.

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October 5th, 2011 After using CybrHost for a few years, last year I thought I would change hosts looking for the "greener pasture".  It didn't take long to figure out that Cybr was as fertile as it comes and their hosting is superb. I have very heavy traffic for about 2 months of the year and with the staff and excellent (almost instantaneous) support I soon discovered it was foolish to look elsewhere. If you are looking for the best Miva host, look no further than CybrHost!  They are always there (even in the middle of the night) if you need them.
-Don Holland

March 11, 2009 Switching our website to CybrHost feels like being upgraded to the first class on a packed plane! The Miva shopping cart runs like a gazelle! It does not wait and wait for credit card approval. No more frequent email timeouts - we actually receive all shopping cart email confirmations. Instead of dealing with Help Desk clerks in a foreign country, who promise a solution in 24 to 72 hours, we deal directly with the engineers that can resolve the question right away. We are impressed and thank you for job well done!  

October 28, 2008 I wanted to praise one of your technical support reps: Gary Hodder. Very knowledgeable and helpful concerning the upgrading of our service today. Also amazed at the speed at which he and the other technicians got us upgraded: from initial phone call to change - 2 hours. Unheard of at most tech companies. We truly appreciate your company!

October 26, 2007 We have used Miva Merchant for over 6 years and have been well pleased with it. We switched last year from Internet Direct to CybrHost and have also been very happy with the dependability and the knowledge and help that Gary Hodder has provided. To know that day in and day out the web site is up and running without any problems is a big relief. We are a seasonal Company with a large part of which is internet sales, so we absolutely need to be up and running this time of year. If there is ever a problem it is addressed immediately by Gary. He is very aware and educated and always know what is going on and how to deal with it. That is such a big plus and a very needed for us.  

December 4, 2006 I just attended a meeting that gave me the opportunity to review other Miva sites and actually talk with the site owners/designers for the first time ever. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank CybrHost for excellence in support and service offerings from a host perspective as I had a chance to really talk with other owners on hosting services and I'm glad to be with CybrHost. Also from a design perspective, Gary Hoder did a redesign of my site two years ago and I still get complements from other store owners with comments like "how did you do that" and "who is your host?"...thanks Gary for a great job continued support that sets the bar.

September 17, 2006 The new spam filter is great! Coupled with my spam application, the sheer volume of spam has reduced to a trickle! The way your filter gathers suspected emails in the web interface is very helpful. Just wanted to say how much we like it. Well done!

August 1, 2006 We have been a hosting customer of CybrHost for about a year and a half, having moved there to run our e-Commerce and company site. Our experience has been completely positive. CybrHost has robust, fast servers and provides very competitive pricing. We have had nearly 100% uptime and the company includes numerous features for their clients often not available elsewhere or offered as add-ons. When support has been needed or when there have been questions trouble tickets that are submitted to CybrHost's helpdesk are responded to very quickly. We are launching a second site in the next few weeks and did not hesitate to choose CybrHost again. Keep up the great work
Barry L.

July 28, 2006 I was one of CybrHost's first customers. Working with Dan and Rich over the years was a pleasure, especially after the experiences I had with other hosting services. When I learned of Dan's illness and subsequent departure from CybrHost, I was saddened. And when I learned that CybrHost was acquired by another company, I was concerned. With previous other hosting companies, service was never the same after acquisition and I was never sure when I would be faced with web page outages or other support issues. After a fair amount of time with the "new CybrHost," I have to say that all is well. At very least, I can report that service is the same, which completely satisfies me. But in addition, improvements to the CybrHost service have proven beneficial. The fact is that I have enough to do supporting my web pages and I just don't want to think about server related issues. CybrHost has allowed me this. Please keep up the good work. Your service is appreciated!

July 24, 2006 As an Internet based Real Estate School the dependability of our web site, its load times, security of student records, etc. is life itself to our company. For approximately 6 years we have successfully relied on CybrHost to provide Train Agents, Inc. and its real estate professionals/students with that security and seamless delivery of State mandated license training and continuing education. Even though our service is shared hosting, CybrHost has met that challenge flawlessly. We cannot, and fortunately have not had to, settle for less! Keep up the good work CybrHost. Now we know why you are the premier MIVA hosting company!

July 12, 2006 I would like to say a big thank-you for the recent introduction of your new e-mail spam filtering software. As a systems administrator I usually see my Anti-virus software catching 10s of virus carrying e-mails per day. I also have to manually sift through several hundred e-mails per day trying to pick out any good ones. Since the introduction of your new filtering software I have freed up at least one hour per day to concentrate on other things. We have been a CybrHost customer for a few years now and despite being in the Highlands of Scotland (UK) have always had excellent support on the rare occasions it has been needed. Many thanks and keep up the good work.
-Ian M.

July 11, 2006 Thank you for your recent help. I am very pleased with your service. I have been a customer of for many years and hope to keep the good relationship. Your support department has been very helpful and responsive to my issues, and I must say there have been only a couple since October 2000-Again, Thank You!
– A.B.

June 28, 2006 I just wanted to write about the great service, fair prices and speed of the many sites I have hosted with you guys. I appreciate that anytime I have an issue it is resolved immediately. I recommend you to anyone who asks about a great hosting company. I have learned from many years in the internet biz that companies like yours are few and far between. Keep up the great Job. Thanks for making me look good to my peers.

June 27, 2006 We just had a call from someone asking if we liked CybrHost and our rating was 11 (out of 10). We appreciate your fast response to our questions, quick resolution of problems, and expertise in diagnosing those pesky little problems that pop up with Miva from time to time. Thank you - we are very satisfied with your service and frequently recommend you!
– Linda

Jan 20, 2005 CybrHost. This provider is new to us but we have been impressed by the speed of their servers and the personal messages we have received from the owners- yes, owners! Their rates are also currently very attractive. We would recommend them highly but hate to cause a land rush, which might overwhelm them!

December 1, 2004 I think you are the head guys. I am a newbie to the Miva world and just wanted to say thank you to you and your support folks. I have had a few questions along the way and you guys have been right there in a very timely and professional manner. While I am not live yet, I continue to be very pleased with the level of support CybrHost provides. I run a mid-size IT shop (20 staff) which includes a Help Desk and technical R&D and support for over 12,000 users. I know what it is like to support broad ranges of users. You guys do a great job.

February 23, 2004 Finally, to my relief, my friend and long-suffering fellow webmaster Sonny Martin of Urban Gourmet recommended his host, CybrMall. What a breath of fresh air these guys were! The entire company was three partners, each one of them 100% accessible by e-mail or phone! Backbone connections to the net, easily configured e-mail, helpful and available customer service - I must have crashed my hard drive and gone to cyberheaven! (I hope I'm as delighted 10 years from now and, so far, I think there's a good possibility.)

November 11, 2003 I wanted to say that the folks at CybrHost did my transfer with no downtime to the store at all. They managed the whole process (including babysitting a novice with this stuff) as part of the hosting contract and did a great job. If you are concerned about downtime I would recommend letting them help.

Our customers know us better than anyone. Whether it's Miva Merchant, Pinnacle Cart, or any other, we're the host you're looking for. We have Miva Merchant and Pinnacle Cart support specialists on staff. Our Green Miva Merchant and Pinnacle Cart Hosting is eco-friendly, environmentally friendly e-Commerce hosting. Friendly, reliable hosting for all e-Commerce applications, specializing in Miva Merchant and Pinnacle Cart. See our Hosting Package descriptions for Miva Merchant Hosting and Pinnacle Cart Hosting.

We've been a Miva Merchant Premier Hosting Partner since 1999. We're a Pinnacle Cart Hosting Partner. We host many other e-Commerce and merchant shopping carts. Call us today for Hosting options!

Pantek knows e-Commerce. We specialize in hosting online storefronts large and small. Everything from our servers to our support staff is optimized to help your online business flourish.

Our servers are up to date enterprise-class machines in a state of the art facility. That's a given.

Our support staff is what makes us unique. We're committed to making your store a success.

Why Pantek Hosting?

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Average Support Response 30 Mins.
  • Free same day site transfers
  • All the resources you need:
    • Miva Merchant Licenses (v4-9)
    • Parallels® Plesk Control Panel
    • Email, SSL, SPAM protection, etc.
    • PCI Compliance Packages

We're Real People with a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but we share one goal.

We want to make your site a success.

Our support is all US and Canada based, NEVER outsourced. We're experienced in all aspects of hosting and have Experts on Miva Merchant, Pinnacle Cart, and many other carts available. Contact us to see how your cart is supported.

We respond quickly and solve problems.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Average Response Time:
Less than 30 minutes

Toll Free US Sales and Support
1 866 300 6482

Pantek has been in the e-Commerce hosting business since 1996.

When Miva Merchant produced the first robust shopping cart application in 1998, we became one of the first Premier Hosting Partners. We have maintained that hosting partnership ever since, and are proud to be one of the few hosts with specialized support staff dedicated to the Miva Merchant shopping cart.Miva Merchant Premier Partner

Pantek now supports Magento on all hosting plans. Magento provides a powerful eCommerce platform that provides maximum flexibility and features.

We are also a Pinnacle Cart partner, offering our customers the advantages of a cart designed expressly with marketing in mind and fully geared for social marketing on Facebook and similar sites.

Volusion offers a full featured platform includes flexible design and powerful selling and management tools. PCI Compliant and PAD-SS Certified.

As new shopping cart applications have appeared, we've expanded our hosting to accommodate them.  We can and will host any legitimate e-Commerce application.

Pantek knows e-Commerce Hosting. We specialize in hosting online storefronts large and small. Everything from our servers to our support staff is optimized for helping your online business flourish.

Pantek acquired CybrHost Corporation in 2006, and operated CybrHost has an independent brand. In 2014, CybrHost was officially renamed to Pantek.

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Contact Information

  • 4401 Rockside Rd. Suite 205
  • Independence, OH 44131

An online merchant should never have to worry about their Host's servers, network or facilities, and with Pantek you never will.

We pride ourselves in offering robust, Enterprise class technology and we love to talk about it. Here's a few examples of the technology Pantek uses.

Our Hosting Facilities are in Tier 1 Datacenters with 15 locations across the globe. All facilities are built with High Availability Infrastructure and Servers with N+1 redundancy, and multiple redundant 10GBe Upstream Connections.

Facility Locations include: Cleveland, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Miami, San Jose, Sydney, Toronto, and more.

Our Hosting Servers are Enterprise-Class Dell® PowerEdge Servers featuring the latest technology and redundancy features with full remote management.

Our Cloud Platforms utilize VMware® vSphere® High Availability Infrastructure with fully redundant hosts and Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Our Hosting Servers utilize the latest Linux® Operating Systems.

Our Email Server are protected using Barracuda® Firewall system to leverage 12 powerful layers against Spam, Phishing, Viruses, and other email attacks.

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  • Pinnacle Cart Partner
  • Miva Merchant Premier Partner
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  • ControlScan PCI Compliance
  • Plesk control panel
  • Green eco-friendly

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