Becoming a Reseller

We're looking to team up with highly motivated Internet professionals who want to create or build a more successful business. We give you the ability to sell hosting services to your customers without spending a fortune on your own equipment, connections, and network personnel.

By partnering with us, you are assured of receiving the best hosting services available. You then combine our world-class web hosting with your own value-added services, site development, programming, consulting, and more. The result: a profitable business opportunity in the hottest market on the planet with low start-up costs and high profit potential.

How do you become a Reseller?

It couldn't be easier!. Just contact us to order and host your own website. Once you have five (5) website accounts billed through you, we assign you a ResellerID. From that point on we will give you a 30% discount off any standard hosting package for all new accounts you add. As your business grows, so will your discount, up to 45% once you have twenty (20) website accounts. With such great discounts, is it any wonder that many of our Resellers are the most successful professionals in the industry?

Private Label Opportunities

Our Reseller Program allows you to maintain total control over your usiness. You continue to operate under your own brand name, offering solutions that are tailored to meet your customers' needs. We stay in the background, allowing you to build your own successful Internet business. If your clients have any technical questions about their web sites, you serve as the first line of support, forwarding any question you can't answer to our Support Staff. They'll provide you with answers to your questions that will enable you to better meet the needs of your clients now and in the future. Billing?

Once a month we will bill you for all of your servers, providing discounts based upon the number of web sites you maintain with us. You, in turn, simply bill your clients for their web sites and any additional Internet consulting or design work you do for them. It's that simple.

Easy Steps To Becoming A Reseller

Becoming a reseller is easy, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Get a Reseller ID

First, If you are pretty sure you will be a reseller within about 6 months, then let us know that and sign up for a free reseller ID. We usually charge $100 for these, but we're waiving the setup fee for a limited time. Get yours now! Simply order your first account with us, ask us to get you on the assigned ResellerID list, and we'll assign one to you.

Step 2: Order Your Own Web Site

A successful web-based business, requires hosting that's beyond the best. There's no better place for your reseller business than CybrHost! We suggest using one of our merchant accounts, but any system will get you started.

Using a CybrHost website as your storefront is not a requirement to be a reseller, but it sure makes a lot of sense! You'll get a chance to become familiar with the system, which means you'll be better able to sell and support them in the future with your own clientele.

Step 3: Start Selling CybrHost Web Sites

When you're ready to open your reseller business, we'll be right behind you. Ordering a website for resale is just like ordering your own website, except that you'll need to enter in your reseller ID in the online order form and select the for resale option. We'll bill you for the cost of the website(s), less your reseller discount, if applicable. If you want your customers to know that your services are based on CybrHost, that's fine. If you'd rather keep us hidden in the background, that's fine, too! Remember that you are responsible for supporting and billing your clients - we will not contact them in any way. Just keep bundling those web sites with whatever value-added services you choose to offer. You'll be sitting on top of a successful Internet-based business in no time!

Step 4: Go For The Premiere Level

Once you reach 5 web sites, you'll become a primary Reseller and be eligible for certain benefits, including the 30% discount. But don't stop there! When you reach 20 web sites, you'll become a premiere Reseller, and be eligible for even better benefits, including a whopping 45% discount off new web sites!

If Your Client Wants to Go With CybrHost?

A few resellers have asked, "What if the people I resell to find out about CybrHost and want to resell directly with CybrHost? What is CybrHost's policy on this?"

CybrHost understands these issues 100% and continually goes to great lengths to stay completely anonymous to your end customers. Honestly, this situation has only happened a few times with some of our larger resellers. We handle such situations with the following set procedures:

CybrHost Guidelines

If one of your clients decides to go directly with CybrHost, they must:

  1. Order completely new CybrHost site(s), with new IP address(es), and pay all applicable setup fees for each website they purchase from us. We will not just switch the billing over to CybrHost.
  2. Pay to set up any additional products or services, which they had on their server(s), including merchant fees and SSL charges.
  3. Transfer all content of their servers to the new servers themselves. We will not move their server content over for them.
  4. Close their account with you, the reseller, and make sure that they are up-to-date in any payments that are owed to you, before they can purchase directly from us. We hope that these policies will deter your clients from wanting to buy web sites from us.
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