Glossary of Terms

Anonymous FTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol allows the public to log into an FTP server with a common login (usually ftp or anonymous and any password (usually the persons e-mail address is used as the password). Anonymous FTP is beneficial for the distribution of large files to the public, avoiding the need to assign large numbers of login and password combinations for FTP access. cgi-bin

The most common name of a directory on a web server in which CGI programs are stored. The bin part of cgi-bin is a shorthand version of binary, because once upon a time, most programs were referred to as binaries. In real life, most programs found in cgi-bin directories are text files -- scripts that are executed by binaries located elsewhere on the server. While most programs using CGI are stored in this directory, it is not a requirement for using CGI.

CommuniGate Pro

The leading high-end Internet Messaging platform, CommuniGate Pro has set a new industry standard in scalability and reliability. Effective design allows CommuniGate Pro to support more features, consume less resources, and require less maintenance than any other product on the market today. Serving more than 26 million active users, field-proven CommuniGate Pro servers provide E-mail connectivity for thousands of corporate offices, as well as for large ISPs and global telcos with millions of accounts.

CommuniGate Pro Web Mail

The CommuniGate Pro Server provides Web (HTTP/HTML) access to user Accounts. The WebUser component works via the HTTP module and allows users to read and compose messages and to perform Account and Mailbox management tasks using any Web browser. Even if a user prefers a regular POP or IMAP mail client, the WebUser Interface can be used to access the features unavailable in some mailers. For example, the WebUser Interface can be used to specify Subscriptions and Access Control Lists for Account Mailboxes - the features many IMAP clients do not support yet. The WebUser Interface can be used to specify Mailbox Aliases, Account Rules, etc.

CommuniGate Pro Anti Spam

CybrHost does not block any email to your mail domain. The Internet is flooded with soliciting E-mail messages distributed to millions of E-mail addresses. These messages are known as "spam". Spammers fill your mailboxes with a huge amount of unwanted messages, not only overloading the Internet and your Server resources, but making mail retrieval very slow and difficult for you. To prevent unauthorized spam CybrHost employs the five following methods to filter offending email:

Compact P3P Headers (all pages)

The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, is emerging as an industry standard providing a simple, automated way for users to gain more control over the use of personal information on Web sites they visit. At its most basic level, P3P is a standardized set of multiple-choice questions, covering all the major aspects of a Web site's privacy policies. Taken together, they present a clear snapshot of how a site handles personal information about its users. P3P-enabled Web sites make this information available in a standard, machine-readable format. P3P enabled browsers can "read" this snapshot automatically and compare it to the consumer's own set of privacy preferences. P3P enhances user control by putting privacy policies where users can find them, in a form users can understand, and, most importantly, enables users to act on what they see.


A daemon that executes commands at specified times and dates, according to instructions in the crontab file.

Daily Disk Backup for all servers and systems

You can rest easy knowing your data is safely copied offline. Our backup arrays are run every evening starting at 8pm PT. Requests for data restore must be emailed prior to 7pm PT daily. The service charge for this feature is $25. (Daily Backups via two, 2TB disk arrays)

Display Wizard Pro

Total Control of the below features through Administrative Interface. Alternate HTML or Menus can be entered directly into Text Boxes or by calling an External HTML file. 1. Margin, 2. Exterior Table, 3. Interior Table (Navbar down), 4. Category Tree Table, 5. Bgimage Category Tree, 6. Display Body Table, 7. New Third Column, 8. Bgimage Third Column, 9. Perpetual Footer and more.


A Microsoft program used to create and edit HTML documents. It can be used to create large complex Web sites. FrontPage is a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, meaning that you can create the Web page exactly as you want it to look on the screen, and the program adds the HTML source code necessary to make sure that the page looks right in a Web browser.


(File Transfer Protocol) - A way of transferring files over the Internet from one computer to another.

GeCAD RAV Mail Anti Virus software

GeCAD RAV AntiVirus is the simple answer for mail server virus control, eliminating many of the problems with standard anti-virus solutions. It is maintenance free, reliable, and doesn't require an extra computer (It works within our cluster-based mail system.) It works with a virus scanner that is highly reliable and virus databases that are frequently updated. There are a number of email anti-virus solutions available today. However, most of them involve an unnecessary SMTP server chain. This means that email comes in to one SMTP server, is scanned for viruses, and then goes to another SMTP server which processes the mail in the usual fashion. As a result, companies that specialize in anti-virus research end up trying to write a special product for an email server. Some companies do a decent job at it and charge a fortune. Others do a lousy job and only charge a small fortune. In the process, mail clients lose some features of their email server, such as most anti-spam checks and user authentication. That is, if authentication with the normal mail server is required, the email intended for a local user doesn't even get scanned.. Because twice the number of mail hops are required, twice the resources are required and there is twice the potential for error or for security holes.

IP Address

Internet Protocol Address. A unique address consisting of 4 octets separated by dots, e.g. Every machine that is on the Internet has a unique IP address, if a machine does not have an IP address, it can not communicate with other computers via internet protocol.

Mailing Lists

The system administrator can create one or several mailing lists. Users from the same or any other mail system can subscribe to these mailing lists using the Web interface or by sending E-mail. They can post messages on mailing lists by sending E-mail to the list addresses, and posted messages are delivered to all subscribers. All posted messages are stored in the mailing list mailbox that serves as an archive. If a user subscribes in the FEED mode, all posted messages are redirected to that user immediately after they are received by the LIST module. When a user subscribes in the DIGEST mode, the user starts to receive list digests: a multi-part messages generated with the LIST module for each mailing list. Each digest message contains all messages posted on the list since the last digest was generated, prefixed with an index of these messages. When a user subscribes in the INDEX mode, the user starts to receive messages containing the indexes of newly posted messages. If the user wants to read some of the posted messages, they can use a Web browser to access the mailing list archive.

Miva Merchant Shopping Cart 2.22 through 4.22

Miva Merchant is a "dynamic" browser-based storefront growth and management system that allows clients to create many online stores. It can be operated from anywhere the internet is available.

Miva Script Compiler

Build cross-platform, royalty-free, database-driven, web applications. Compile any Miva Script 4 syntax compatible application into an executable that runs on the Miva Virtual Machine. You can distribute the Miva Virtual Machine, royalty free and deliver fast database enabled code to your customers without revealing your source codes. Miva Script runs more efficiently in a compiled environment. Code running on the virtual machine does not need to be parsed each and every time the application is executed - it is already in a format that the machine can understand, resulting in enormous performance gains. Compiling does much more than tokenization or other minor speed improvement techniques. Additionally, because each and every line of code is parsed in advance by the compiler, you will eliminate the possibility of syntax errors at runtime.

Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit

With the advent of the Miva Script Compiler, Miva Merchant is now shipped in a compiled format only. This greatly enhances the end-user experience for both merchants and shoppers using Miva Merchant and also enables the new features of the Miva Virtual Machine (MVM). The Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit provides a collection of Miva Merchant modules in non-compiled format for developers to customize and compile for installation into Miva Merchant storefronts running the new 4.14 or later versions. A list of the kit's contents is listed at right. The kit ships with a limited license which enables developers to redistribute these customized modules(in compiled format only) to Miva Merchant 4.x licensees. The license also allows developers to distribute non-compiled versions of their custom-coded derivative modules to other Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit licensees.


MySQL is a type of SQL database management featured in Thelix hosting plans. A database is an organized collection of information that a computer uses to select and display data. Databases can help organize and enhance your site content. Sites with dynamic pages and/or shopping cart software often need an underlying database structure.


The OpenUI Look & Feel module replaces your MMUI module and provides central hooks through which module developers may easily add features and performance enhancing solutions without having to reinvent the wheel with each Merchant release.


The OpenStatistics License Key, when installed will enable to be able to see the total stats for the orders in one batch, all unbatched orders, or all orders regardless of classification. The stats page gives a total sales summary, and then breaks the total sales down by day-of-the-week and time of day (by the hour) the orders were made. The stats page also lists the top selling products and top revenue generators for the specified parameters. The stats are based on the filtering options you currently have set, allowing you to specify exactly what information you would like to generate. For example, if you are in the customer screen on the OpenOrder tab and click on the stats button, you will see the stats of that customers order only. If you have filtered the orders based on the order total and the date range, then the stats will be based on this filter. The stats button gives you immense flexibility because it allows you to view stats using a single filter or any combination of filters. For example, you can see the top 20 products from those that purchased SOMEPRODUCT, or those that have spent over a designated amount....or use both filters. All these resources are available simply by clicking the stats button, which appears on both the OpenOrders and OpenBatches screens.


OpenDesigner - Now you can control EVERY screen in your storefront, with our new OpenDesigner Why purchase a separate module for your page templates (~$44.95), and another for your category templates (~$44.95), and another for your welcome screen template (~$44.95), and yet another for the other page templates (~$44.95). That is almost $180 and you will still need more modules for creating new screens (~$35.00) and doing HTML emails (~$59.95). You can do all of this (and a whole lot more) with one, single module!


OpenJoinList allows you to offer a checkbox to your shoppers to send an email to auto-join your stores external mailing lists. You can also optionally bypass the checkbox, and automatically join them. You can completely configure the format of the email, the subject line, and the To/From/CC email addresses. The display of the checkbox is also completely configurable. They will automatically hook-in on the checkout screen, or you can display them anywhere in your store, using OpenTokens, or using the many template modules (like the OpenDesigner).


Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, a robust programming language frequently used for creating CGI programs on Web servers because it is faster than UNIX shell script programs, it can read and write binary files, and it can process very large files.

POP - Post Office Protocol

The standard for internet based email access standards. Currently on version POP3.

QwkGuard Fraud Protection System

Features/Advantages - QwkGuard helps to reduce your credit card processing fees by intercepting fraudulent orders before they are sent to your credit card processor for validation. QwkGuard offers three layers of protection: Detecting excessive customer activity - Hackers can use online stores to determine if stolen credit card numbers are valid. When this is done in large batches, you the merchant can face significant credit card processing charges. QwkGuard can help you to detect and block this sort of activity.

RAID Drives

CybrHost employs RAID-10 for all of its servers. In a nutshell RAID-10 provides fully redundant copies of all server data. Pairs of drives are then stripped together to increase the logical size of the storage device. CybrHost typically uses hardware RAID controllers which are the fastest available in the industry. The following paragraphs provide an overview of how RAID arrays are built. The acronym RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or now more commonly known as Independent) Disks. Over the past several years RAID has grown increasingly popular because of its I/O performance-enhancing and disk fault-tolerant features. Today RAID is used all over the world in entry-level to enterprise-wide computing environments.

Secure TELNET (SSH) access

CybrHost suggests you use a SSH client for all communications to the server including uploading and downloading files. Why? SSH provides a fully secure bi-directional interface such that all data transferred in both directions is always encoded. It is quite difficult for a hacker to obtain worthwhile data when using SSH. SCP is a natural extension off of a SSH connection so I believe most SSH clients also provide SCP.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Server-side includes (SSIs) are simple, HTML-embedded directives that instruct Stronghold to execute a program or include data in the HTML document. As a shorthand alternative to CGI, server-side includes can be handy. However, like CGI, they should be used with caution and an eye for security risks.


Secure (encrypted) ftp (File Transfer Protocol) - A way of transferring files over the Internet from one computer to another.

SSL Certificate

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL works by using a private key to encrypt data that's transferred over the SSL connection. Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer support SSL, and many Web sites use the protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: instead of http:. Another protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web is Secure HTTP (S-HTTP). Whereas SSL creates a secure connection between a client and a server, over which any amount of data can be sent securely, S-HTTP is designed to transmit individual messages securely. SSL and S-HTTP, therefore, can be seen as complementary rather than competing technologies. Both protocols have been approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a standard.

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