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Web Development

We focus our resources on providing the best hosting and support services possible. If you need a website or storefront developed, please contact one of our Development Affiliates. We recommend them highly.

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We're looking to team up with highly motivated Internet professionals who want to create or build a more successful business. We give you the ability to sell hosting services to your customers without spending a fortune on your own equipment, connections, and network personnel.

By partnering with us, you are assured of receiving the best hosting services available. You then combine our world-class web hosting with your own value-added services, site development, programming, consulting, and more. The result: a profitable business opportunity in the hottest market on the planet with low start-up costs and high profit potential.

We make PCI and PA-DSS Compliance easier for you. We've partnered with ControlScan, a leading vendor in PCI solutions for small to medium businesses, to provide PCI compliance more inexpensively for our community. ControlScan PCI scans are included with some packages and available at reduced prices for other packages.

If problems are identified with your site, ControlScan comes directly to us for resolution. You don't have to spend hours every month figuring out the issues; we'll do that for you. We'll directly resolve any issues arising due to our servers and hosting environment, and we'll identify any site specific issues which you must resolve. Where possible, we'll advise you what to do to resolve your site specific issues.

You may sign up for ControlScan when you order your site or directly at

Want a different provider? No problem. Our servers and environments are PCI compliant and able to be scanned by any PCI approved third party security scanner vendor.


Security Certificates keep your transactions private and give your visitors the confidence to click, sign in, and do business with you.

Security certificates use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your online transactions. Sensitive information is encrypted to keep it secure while crossing the internet.

You need an SSL if...

  • you have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards
  • you offer a login or sign in on your site
  • you process sensitive data such as address, birth date, license, or ID numbers
  • you need to comply with privacy and security requirements
  • you value privacy and expect others to trust you.

We offer several SSL Security options:

  • A Shared Wildcard SSL
  • RapidSSLCertificate
  • TrueBusiness SSL Certificate

SSLs are included with many of our hosting packages, or you can Order your SSL here.

Payment Gateways enable internet merchants to accept online payments via credit card and e-check. With Pantek, you may use any Gateway you wish.

We recommend online payments through our partner, Authorize.Net®, a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996. Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transaction data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment processing networks, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account.

Authorize.Net® Features
Customer Checkout Online and Manual Payments
Quick Payment Retrieval Visa®
Online Account Management MasterCard®
Technical Support American Express®
Risk Management Discover®
Fraud Prevention Electronic Check
Billing Services
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