Cloud/Virtual Dedicated Servers

CybrHost Virtual Dedicated Servers offer all the the benefits of enterprise-grade dedicated servers at a lower cost. Features include:

High Availability
  • Automatic Server Failure Detection.
  • Immediate reallocation and restart, without human intervention.
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • Capacity is continuously balanced.
    • Each virtual machine has access to allocated resources (disk space, processor, memory) at all times.
    • Your virtual resources can not be utilized by other subscribers.

    CybrHost's VMware-powered virtual offerings provide you a fully segregated server and a real Linux environment. Your secure, dedicated Linux environment can be customized or tailored to fit your needs.

    Why choose a CybrHost Virtual Dedicated Server?
    • Lower Cost than a physical dedicated server
    • Enterprise-grade hardware reliability
    • The flexibility of a dedicated server
    • Enhanced failover capacity
    • Dedicated server options and features
    • VMware virtualization technology
    Product Diagram

    • Hardware
    • Enterprise Class Hosting Servers
    • Storage: SCSI RAID-5 w/ Hotspares
    • Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
    • Utilizes VMware ESX Virtualization

    • Software
    • RedHat or Centos Version 6
    • Free software updates from RHN
    • PHP, Perl, and MySQL
    • Anonymous FTP and CGI-BIN FTP via ProFTPD
    • Secure SSL with Apache 2
    • phpMyAdmin MySQL management utility
    • RapidSSL Certificate
    • One Miva Merchant (4 or 5), Pinnacle Cart, or
      Volusion Steel shopping cart package
    • Full root access privileges

    • Hosting Features
    • Bandwidth, 200 GB to 1,00 GB of monthly data transfer
    • IP Addresses, 4 (included) to 2032 (optional)
    • Backups, Daily (included) to Hot-Spare (optional)
    • CybrHost DNS for each of your domains
    • Unlimited POP Email Accounts & Mail Lists
    • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
    • Flexible contract periods and terms

    How does it Work?

    Virtual dedicated server (VDS) technology partitions a physical computer into multiple servers, each with the appearance and capabilities of a dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently managed.

    The Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) controls a cluster of servers, and balances the load across the cluster so that each virtual machine is allocated the resources it needs.

    VMware's High Availability (HA) component continually monitors all virtual servers to automatically restore service after a failure.

    VMware's Virtual File System (VMFS) partitions a large RAID-5 drive into individual drives for the virtual machines. Each virtual server's disk space is completely inaccessible and untouchable from any other virtual server.

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