Thousands of built-in ecommerce features to help your online store grow

Product Management and Merchandising

The foundation of any successful online store is its products. That's why you should rely on a shopping cart software that lets you easily display and manage your merchandise. From unlimited product options to automated stock statuses, we've got you covered.

SmartMatch™ Technology

Keep tabs on your stock with just a few clicks. Our SmartMatch technology allows you to track unlimited combinations of product options to keep your inventory flowing and your customers satisfied.

Color Swatch

Show off countless colors and textures of your products. This tool provides customers with a quick view of their options to help them make the best decision, helping orders to flow in more easily.

Product Compare™

With so many great products on your site, customers need help making a decision. With Product Compare, shoppers can select multiple products and view them side by side, providing a quicker buying experience.


Give your customers an eagle eye view with vZoom. Shoppers can easily inspect the finest details of your product images with a hover of the mouse. Better yet, this feature works on every product image, every time.

Additional Features

  • Bulk data import and export
  • Multiple product options
  • Unlimited photos per product and thumbnail generator
  • Vendor management
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Built-in sale pricing
  • Ability to hide products
  • New products feature
  • Assign products to multiple categories and subcategories
  • End date product specification
  • Enable customers to edit pricing
  • Specify additional product keywords
  • Customizable product description fields
  • Quickly edit orders from "view all" screen
  • Ability to track order type
  • Easy "drag and drop" category management
  • Advanced related product functionality
  • Google Base integration with tracking links included**
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Administrative Tools

Having an attractive ecommerce site isn't enough to succeed online. To be more than just a pretty face, you need the right tools to power your operations. With hundreds of helpful administrative tools at your disposal, your online store will perform like a well-oiled machine.

Full-featured CRM

Support your customers with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. With multiple email accounts included, you'll be answering questions and gathering feedback in no time.

Comprehensive order processing

Get your orders through the door, faster, with our advanced collection of order processing features. Quickly view and approve your orders more efficiently than ever, either one at a time or all at once.

Automated inventory management

Save time by always knowing exactly how many items you have in stock. Simply enter your product count and our innovative inventory tools will monitor your inventory levels, even sending alerts when you're running low.

Full reporting capabilities

Make better business decisions with our robust reporting tools. These include dozens of site performance indicators, such as popular products and categories. You can also create custom reports for more targeted information.

Additional Features

  • Ability to add RSS feeds to dashboard
  • Gift note printing
  • Customizable real-time executive dashboard
  • Low quantity alarm
  • Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system
  • Administrative "to do" list
  • Point system for staff performance tracking
  • Google "map it" link on order page
  • Automatic shipping confirmation emails with ability to send e-fax confirmations
  • Enhanced charts, graphs
  • and statistics
  • Web-based administration area
  • ROI tracking
  • Ability to print packing slips, receipts and invoices
  • Integrated Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Full vendor support and management
  • Integrated Easy Editor for creating content pages
  • QuickEdit toolbar
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML
  • Specify maximum text length on options
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Marketing Features

The notion of "build it and they will come" doesn't apply to ecommerce – you must build and promote your site to make sales. Thanks to our robust suite of marketing tools, you'll be fully equipped to share your business with the world.

Robust SEO tools

If customers can't find your site, they can't buy from you. By utilizing our full search engine optimization (SEO) toolbox, you'll quickly make your mark with Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring more shoppers to your store.

Built-in email and newsletter system

Reach out and retain your customers with a full email and newsletter system. You can quickly send important discounts and updates to your entire customer base without needing a completely separate system.

Social Store Builder

Sell your products directly on Facebook and MySpace with our Social Store Builder. While customers are browsing through their favorite social media sites, they can view and purchase your products in no time.

Advanced coupons and discounts

Boost sales without hassle by offering special promotions to your customers. Whether it's 20% off or free shipping, you can effectively manage multiple campaigns to keep shoppers coming back for more.

Additional Features

  • Full subdomain 301 redirects for better SEO results
  • Export feeds to third-party shopping marketplaces
  • Gift certificates
  • Abandoned/live cart section
  • Free shipping coupon
  • Gift registry
  • Quantity discounting
  • Google sitemap generator
  • 5-tier affiliate system
  • Phone order system with sales rep tracking
  • Gift wrapping
  • View your store's internal search terms
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Dynamically generated static HTML page creation
  • Product sharing capability across 55+ social media networks and news sources
  • Loyalty program to offer customers points or cash for purchases
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Design Tools

Studies show that a well-designed website leads to increased credibility and sales. Fortunately you don't need a degree in computer science to create a site that's beautiful and professional. With hundreds of design options available, you'll be proud of your site in no time.

Free customizable, ready-to-use templates

Make your site shine in less than a minute by selecting any of our free, high-quality ecommerce templates. You'll receive a wide array of designs and colors that are perfect for any industry.

HTML/CSS access

Take your template design to the next level by customizing its look and feel. We provide you access to the HTML/CSS to style the store of your dreams.

Create unlimited content pages

Create your entire website with Volusion. You can produce infinite content pages to describe your business and connect with customers, all at no additional charge.

Additional Features

  • Advanced color selection with website colors
  • Easy to change image gallery
  • Ability to embed the store into your existing web pages
  • Ability to use category and subcategory graphics on category pages
  • Link your "add to cart" buttons from your current website to Volusion's shopping cart software
  • Display products in rows, grids or lists
  • All web pages written in ASP/VBScript and HTML
  • Preview design templates before they're published
  • Simplified graphics upload process
  • Use any web page editor software to create custom designs for your store
  • "Design gallery" access – change the look of your site in just a few clicks
  • Improved language settings – your entire site can be in any language
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Shipping Options

While shipping can be a daunting task, we've made it as seamless as possible. Get products to your customer with less time and effort by using these built-in tools.

Integrated with all major shipping companies

Take charge of your ecommerce shipping options by working with any of our fully integrated providers. Whether it's UPS, USPS, Fedex, or even Canada Post, you decide who to work with – not the other way around.

Print shipping labels directly from your admin

Enjoy the luxury of printing shipping labels directly from your software. Instead of spending time and money creating labels, we've done the work for you. Simply print the label, stick it on the box, and send out your order.

Automated feeds for live shipping rates

Save money with real-time shipping rates. Instead of manually updating your rates, we've built a direct connection with major shipping providers so you and your customers automatically see the latest prices.

Additional Features

  • Batch order printing capabilities
  • Unlimited shipping calculation types
  • Support for shipping from multiple warehouses
  • Live rates with Canada Post
  • Additional shipping weight calculation (shipping and handling)
  • Live package tracking
  • Shipping confirmation via automated email
  • Quick "estimated shipping" calculation
  • Dimensional shipping support for UPS
  • Downloadable product sales capability (software, mp3s, pdfs, etc.)
  • Specify the location of a product within a warehouse (aisle, bin, etc.)
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Payment Methods

To make money, you have to collect payment. Whether you're accepting credit cards directly on your site or simply using PayPal or Google Checkout, our suite of payment processing features will help get funds into your hands, faster.

Integrates with existing or new merchant accounts

Easily integrate numerous payment processing options with your Volusion store. You can either open a new account or continue to use your preferred provider without any unnecessary hurdles.

Accept PayPal™ and/or Google Checkout™

Give your customers more payment options with our PayPal and Google Checkout connections. All you need to do is provide your account information and we'll take care of the rest.

Additional Features

  • Integrated currency conversion
  • Supports automated promotional pricing
  • CVV2 (Security Code) support
  • Support for additional international
  • PayPal currencies
  • Tax calculation based on customer's location
  • Suports recurring payments
  • Ability to specify tax-exempt customers or products
  • Configurable currency symbol
  • Supports Google Checkout UK
  • Payment processing at time of sale or during order fulfillment
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Security Protections

We're here around the clock to make sure your most sensitive data is never compromised. This allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about security.

PCI/CISP Certified

Rest easy knowing that we exceed industry standards for ecommerce security. Our facilities regularly undergo rigorous inspections from independent auditors, all to ensure that your business remains safe from harm.

Multiple administrator login

Control which team members access certain areas of your admin. If you don't want someone to view a specific section, simply deny them access. This type of authority helps keep your business secrets better protected.

Additional Features

  • Integrated IP blocking security feature
  • Premium hosting
  • "Members only" website capabilities
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database
  • Displays last four digits of credit card numbers only
  • SSL encryption
  • Determine which administrative sections are accessible
  • Administration area access history
  • Shopping cart features automatic "crash protection"
  • CAPTCHA-type image validation support for all form submissions
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Customer Shopping Tools

Unlike a retail store, your ecommerce site can't help customers in person. But with this vast selection of customer convenience tools, you can provide shoppers with a positive, personalized experience.

Wish list feature

Provide customers the extra benefit of placing items on a wish list for future purchase. This tool invites shoppers to revisit your site and fill up their carts easier than ever before.

Built-in search capability

Help online shoppers find the product they need with a simple search. Customers can quickly glance through your entire product line based on certain keywords, and can even filter their search by brand, price, or whatever you decide.

Post and view customer reviews

Let customers promote your products by easily adding reviews. These insights provide real-time feedback for your online store and help steer customers through your most recommended products.

One page checkout with guest registration

Guide shoppers through the buying process with an all-in-one checkout page. Instead of making customers navigate through multiple pages, you'll enjoy fewer abandoned carts with this integrated, seamless process.

Additional Features

  • Refined search with auto-correction and term suggestion
  • Lists available accessories for products
  • Gift wrapping option
  • Browse products by category
  • View related products
  • Six ways to sort search results
  • View and modify orders
  • Manage additional features
  • Live search hints to easily find customers and products on phone order page
  • Email a friend – directly email someone a product of interest
  • Customer can view recent shopping history
  • Customer shopping cart summary
  • Soft add to cart
  • Large variety of customizable navigation styles
  • Unique checkout progress bar
  • Update information within customer account
  • Track packages live
  • Customer can receive "back in stock" emails
  • Customer account login – create an account or remain anonymous
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